So about 2 weeks ago, I realized that my monthly visitor was a little late in showing up. My husband tried convincing me to go buy a test.  I wouldn’t do it.  Probably the fear back in my head keeping me from doing it, but I let on that I just probably calculated things wrong and that I’d test maybe in a week or so. 

Ha.  Nerves (FEAR) got the best of me and I had to buy a test.  And since I was really aching to use the restroom anyway (at WALMART – yes, people, add me to!), I decided to just go ahead and take the test then.  It took no time at all for that positive sign to appear.  Same as with my other two kids – the line appeared pretty much before the regular line appeared.  I guess I’m just that good.  😉

So I’m having a baby.  Another one.  I already have two kids – what in the world will I do with another one?!  Guess God has a sense of humor and apparently knows what He’s doing, cause this is definitely something He cooked up, I can tell.  🙂 

Andrew (almost 8) was frustrated with the news at first – saying how this one would just fight with and beat him up like Macy(2) does.  Then he felt better after we reassured him that this one would probably have to deal more with Macy than himself, and that he’d probably be the one rescuing the new kiddo from his crazy sister more times than not. He likes the idea of the new baby now but still makes sure to remind me that “this one’s going to have to learn everything on his own – I’m not showing him how to do anything.”  Guess he figures since we’re oh-so-hard on him and make him learn everything on his own (where in the world he got that, I’ll never know!!!), that the new baby will have to do the same.  Sheesh.   

Friends & family all found out at random times – Miguel, after throwing up in his trashcan at work after hearing the news (okay, maybe not so much in his trashcan, but after blurting out “OH MY WORD” when I sent him the picture message on his phone, he did say he had a queasy stomach and had to hang up lol), wanted to tell everyone he knew.  I, of course, wanted to make it a grand surprise, so I let him tell his family and I saved the news for my family until Christmas Eve when we were to have our big family party.

So now the news is “Facebook official” and our families both know and are happy for us… but me??  I’m going to have a 3rd child.  3 c-sections.  3 kids to call me mommy.  3 kids to give me more gray hair. 

Guess that also means more entries in my blog.  For I type to escape.  I do believe I’ll be doing that more from here on out.  🙂



  1. Congrats to you! You are an awesome mom. I also know one special lady who could not be happier. The first thing your mom said when she called me…is “Guess what Santa brought me for Christmas? A new Grandbaby” !!

  2. And…pictures with THREE beautiful kids! Congrats Kati and Miguel! Can’t wait to read about this new adventure 🙂 ~Kathleen
    ps. taking a pregnancy test at walmart is hilarious and something you can tell child #3 about..someday 🙂

  3. Type to escape? Honey, with three kids you’ll never have time to type.You may get to take a bath every once in a while. Love you, mom.

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