So apparently while I was down with a stomach bug/morning-that’s-really-all-day-sickness yesterday, Miguel had to cook for the kids.  Guessing they got hungry and started gnawing at his leg or something 😉  So, whatever they ate, they ate with crackers, because all I know is that when I crawled my sick self out of bed at 7:30pm, I wanted to eat some of the crackers I bought and there were no more to be found.  😦  Cue husband running to the store for more!  Love that husband!!  🙂


Today I’m up and feeling a bit better, but this sickness has just decided to sit in my stomach and drive me crazy, as it did when I was pregnant with Macy.  Gee thanks, body.  Growing a baby should be joyous – not so much resting my head over the open lid of a toilet waiting for something to happen.  Hey, I tell it like it is.  🙂  I had some crackers and ginger ale (new best friend!) and then by 1pm I was craving some soda.  Coke in a glass with a bunch of ice is heavenly after several days of not drinking any.   But can my tummy handle it??  Guess we’ll see!

Back to my title.

Andrew was hungry.  He asks me if I’ll make that yummy food that “daddy made yesterday”.  I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, and he told me “it had beans, some corn, some meat stuff, and some weenies” – and then when I asked him what he meant by corn, because I knew good and well that he NEVER eats corn, he told me he didn’t know but that he couldn’t really taste the corn but he ate it regardless!  So Miguel was working and on a call in the office, so he patiently waited until he was off and done before jumping at the door to ask him to make that yummy food he made yesterday.  Miguel gave a good laugh and I asked him to please inform me of this meal and what it involved so that I could make it for the kids for lunch.

Apparently it’s as simple as a can of grillin’ beans, a can of corn, and a turkey hotdog (weenie!) cut up and heated up together, eaten scooped onto crackers, and according to Andrew – the best meal ever!!

So I simmered it on the stove, asked him if it looked the same as dads, and he said it “kinda did, but I’ll have to see it once you put it on my plate”…  Got it on his plate, he says “yep!  looks the same!”  He gobbled it up with a few crackers that I left for him, I ate a plate, as did Miguel… good stuff – you should try it!

HOWEVER.  Well, I guess this should be the good part actually since I no longer carry the role of cook in the house.  Because Andrew exclaimed that “dad is the bestest cook ever!!!” and after my shocked face and stating “REALLY??, I guess I don’t have to cook anymore then!” …. and Andrew said “No problem, dad will do the cooking!”

So there you have it folks.  This mom just got her load lightened a bit.  Not that I’m a huge cook anyway or that we have extravagant meals every night, cause I’ll definitely be the first to tell you that we don’t!  But knowing all I have to do is pass the spoon to Miguel, or pop open a can of beans & corn and slice up a weenie – I’m thrilled!

Now I shall go partake in some more of the best meal ever.  Mmmm, good stuff!  🙂


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