We watched the movie, Soul Surfer, tonight.  Great movie.  When it was over, it left me longing to go back to Hawaii and day-dreaming of when Miguel and I will go after our 10 year anniversary.  I left Miguel in the living room to catch up on his wrestling, fighting, or whatever it was, and I headed to bed so I could fall asleep and dream of Hawaii.  Got myself into a good little sleep when he finally came to bed.  I tried drifting off again, but then here comes Macy.  Walking into our room from her room with her little stuffed doggie purse draped on her arm.  She didn’t want to lay down, so I ended up walking her back to her room to tuck her (and her doggie purse) back in bed.

Try number 3 of falling asleep.  Not so much.  Macy back up.  She wants “gunk” – yes I do understand it’s a really weird way for her to say “milk” but whatever.  She’ll get it someday.  So I make her a deal – we change her diaper, get her some milk, then she has to go back to bed.  She agrees, but then won’t lay down for a diaper because she’s too busy climbing into her cozy coupe car, still with her doggie purse draped on her shoulder, telling me she’s “going bye-bye”.  Okay, Macy, you do that.  I’M GOING TO BED!!  (no, I wasn’t getting upset, why would you think that?!)  I get her diaper on, pj’s back on, then put her in bed.  Tell her that I am going to put her bed rail back up because she won’t stay in her bed otherwise.  Little miss priss tells me NO, MOMMY! …and I start to feel bad for a split second before I remember back to the dreams of Hawaii I wanted to have, and I proceed to put the rail back on her bed.  As I’m doing so and struggling to make it go back on, she asks “help you?”  🙂  Ha – you want to help me lock you back in?  Sure thing!  She doesn’t help, I get it back on, tell her to go to sleep already, she says ‘yes ma’am”, and I leave her room to go dream of Hawaii.

Only now Miguel is in a deep sleep.  Probably dreaming of the two hours he’s going to have without me or the kids tomorrow while we attend a birthday party.  🙂  And not only is he sleeping, but he’s snoring.  Normally I can just shake him a little, do the little hand motion in the air to get him to see that I want him to ROLL OVER so he’ll stop snoring.  But this time, he’s already on his side!!  This isn’t good, nor will the outcome be pretty if I stay in bed festering over the snoring man beside me.  I shake him, do the motion, tell him to roll over so at least it will be a little bit quieter of a snore, warn him that in a minute I shall cover his entire head with pillows if he doesn’t stop, and I try to fall back into my peaceful sleep.

HA.  Not going to happen.  I huff and puff and get my ginger ale cup from the nightstand, my cell phone, pillow, and I head to the couch.  Not before shutting the door behind me.  And would you believe that I can still hear him in there snoring, even from in here?

I do have to say, he’s snoring worse tonight (on his side, which he normally doesn’t do) because he’s got this darn cold that I also have.  So I feel for him.  But I also feel for me, who now is propped up on the cold leather couch listening to a wide-awake almost 8 year old boy dance and sing that he’s stayed up past midnight!!

Don’t you want to be me?  🙂

Here’s hoping Macy doesn’t flip over her bed rail in the middle of the night (oh wait, it IS the middle of the night!) and break her neck as she almost did the other day in a fit of toddler rage when I put her in there for time-out.  And that Andrew eventually falls asleep so I don’t have to watch Tom & Jerry all night.  Sure would be nice to dream of the beach, palm trees, cool ocean waves…..

Looks like all I’ll be dreaming about is cats chasing mice or a dolled-up toddler who, at midnight, wants to go on a joyride in her pink cozy coupe.

Love my life.  🙂


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