21 minutes.

That’s how long my 2.5 year old daughter scream the other day while in the car parked at the post office.  We had gone inside to mail some photo CD’s to clients and then were getting back into the car when it all started.  

Popping in.  She wanted to pop in.  To those who don’t know, Macy likes to climb into the car and carseat herself — this is what she calls “popping in”, because long ago, I would tell her “hop in, macy!”… so now, she wants to do it by herself.  This is normally fine for her to try and do herself, but sometimes I just don’t have the patience to wait for her — it literally takes her several minutes to “pop in”.  This particular day, she gets into the car but feels like seeing what’s in her seat to take out and clean before she climbs into it.  I tell her not to worry, he just gets mad and keeps picking up the crumbs from her chair before she’s ready to climb in.  I get impatient and put her into her carseat myself.  Oh no, wrong thing to do.

She flips her body over before I can get her buckled, and she slides down into the floorboard.  She wants to do it HERSELF!!  And she wanted to let Andrew and I (and the rest of the post office patrons who were getting into their own cars) know.  But no, she didn’t just want to start from the floorboard, she wanted to get back out of the car and climb completely back in all by herself.  Which I absolutely had no patience for at this point.  So I pick up her flailing body and put her back into the seat and struggle (but succeed) to get her seatbelt buckled around her.  Oh this just made her even more mad!!

So the fit begins.  The fit had already begun, don’t get me wrong, but this was where it REALLY began.  She proceeded to scream and scream LOUDLY, to let us know that she wanted to get out of that carseat and do it herself.  From the time the fit started, to when it ended 21 minutes later, Andrew & I heard all kinds of things.  She wanted out!! She was hungry!!!  She wanted us to stop looking at her!!!  And all of this was heard as screams.  Not cries, not whines, but loud, ear-piercing screams.  Andrew had his ears covered next to her and I just sat in the front seat, texting Miguel to tell him that I was in the process of shipping Macy to my mothers.  😉

Kicking my seat.  Shaking from side to side in her seat.  Doing anything she could think of to get my attention, she was NOT getting blood from this turnip.  She wasn’t about to win this time.  I didn’t turn around.  I didn’t swat her (like I wanted to! lol).  I didn’t say one word to her.  After 10 minutes or so, she calmed down.  No more tears, no more screams, no more fitting.  So I put the car in reverse so we could go over a few stores to Taco Cabana for lunch, as it was after 3pm and I’d had nothing to eat all day.  As soon as she realized we were moving, she started screaming again. Back into park I go.  She stops again a few minutes later and I back up and drive to Taco Cabana.  She was at it again, so I pull into a parking spot to wait it out.  Still not saying one word to her.

3:34pm this all began.  At 3:55, she finally stopped.  Her eyes were puffy and red and tears were all over her face.  She wiped her snotty nose across her arm and gave it all up.  

I had won.  Andrew said “she was trying to be the boss but didn’t win”.  My point exactly, son. 

21 minutes, but she realized she wasn’t getting any reaction from me.  The next day, she tried to start a fit with me over something, I quickly reminded her that we don’t pitch fits and she handed me whatever she had and said “yes ma’am”.  Score one for mommy.  

Oh you don’t even want to know the fit she threw at my parents house on Easter Sunday though.  Ha.  That one was a good one.  I’ll save that for another time.  Let’s just say, I’m not letting her win, no matter how strong-willed she is.  And let me tell you, if you were witness to the Easter fit, you will know just how hard headed she really is.  🙂  


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