Instead of new years resolutions, I decided that this year, for the entire year of 2012, I would enter every contest, giveaway, fill out every survey given to me, etc…., and see what comes of it!  So far not much other than a lot of free food!!  But there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, especially when I’m almost 7 months pregnant 🙂

I was VERY excited to get an email this morning telling me that the Baby Gizmo Weekly Giveaways were back in full force again!  More than a year or so ago, I won a balance bike through this giveaway and even though Macy still hasn’t gotten the hang of the bike just yet, she still loves to try and she does wear the helmet a lot around the house 🙂  The giveaway is legit and the prizes are AMAZING!!!  So of course, I’ve started entering!!  And part of the contest is to blog about it for additional entries!  I’m totally there!!

This weeks prize is a stroller made by Baby Cargo.  It’s a 300 series stroller that weighs just about 15 lbs and folds up so compactly that it’s easy to bring with you virtually anywhere really!  Even has a strap to carry it on your shoulder/back!  Great fabric and a cup holder to boot makes this a stroller that I would LOVE to have, especially when I’m about to have a 3 year old and an infant to tote around all the time!

So go check it out —  and enter to win yourself!  Good luck and be on the lookout for the next giveaway blog next Monday!!

Be blessed my friends!!


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