On May 14, 2012, we took Macy to a surgical center about 20 minutes away, to have her thumb worked on.  She had a trigger thumb and they were going to go in and release some pulley thing that was to repair that trigger thumb so that she’d be able to straighten it-bend it-straighten it-bend it just as someone without a trigger thumb would be able to do.

But little did we know…. that surgery would do more than just repair her trigger thumb.  Seriously.  You’ll want to read this.  Then you’ll want to consider having the same surgery done on your very own 2 year old.

Macy had been in the terrible two stage for a LONG LONG time.  She knew how to play us.  She knew how to throw herself onto the floor when she didn’t get her way, and scream until her throat was hoarse, just to get a rise out of us (which she didn’t).  The girl was terrible.  She kicked, screamed, yelled, hit, bit, scratched, whatever else she could figure out to do, to get her way, or to make it known that she didn’t like NOT getting her way.  One time, at my moms house, she started throwing one of these fits, outside during a family event.  My mom, being the funny person she is, wanted everyone to see this fit since everyone had since thought she was just SOOOO cute and the perfect little angel.  So my mom picked Macy up and carried her screaming self into the room where my family sat enjoying their dessert and laid her onto the floor to finish out her fit.  And that she did.  She continued that fit in front of everyone, no care in the world who was witnessing it.  Most sat in shock, as well as laughed, surprised at just how ‘terrible’ this two year old was.  I’m not joking when I say she had a full-blown case of the terrible twos.

Not only this, but the girl had NO interest WHATSOEVER, in potty training.  Oh no.  She would go potty in the floor or in the underwear we’d buy her (in hopes that she’d get excited to try to keep them dry – HA!) with no other care in the world.  Potty chairs?  What potty chairs?  We might as well have never bought them.  Tried the seats you can put on the toilet itself…nope, no going on those either.  She could care less.  I was determined to get her out of diapers before this next baby got here in August, but Macy had other plans.  She would be in diapers until this next baby was in high school for all she cared.  Honestly.  She was that uncaring to the topic of getting herself out of diapers and into big girl panties.

Insert Monday, May 14, 2012.  Surgery day.

We take her back for surgery preparations, and they ask if she’d already had sedatives to get her relaxed before the anesthesia, since she seemed just SO relaxed already.  Ummmm, nope.  She was in very rare form this morning…. very almost-lethargic in a way.  Not caring who touched, poked, joked, tickled, or talked to her…she was sweet and calm and very much a “big girl” this morning while sitting on that hospital bed waiting for the big cut to her finger.  So we explained that we weren’t sure why she was so relaxed already, but that they may want to go ahead and give her the relaxing drugs because we knew our daughter and we knew that her attitude may completely change once they took her back and away from us…. Cause in our minds, she could completely flip out on those doctors and nurses back there, come running back up front in those cute PJ’s, and leave that surgical center before they could blink and ask what happened.  That’s the girl we knew, so we advised them to give her the drugs.  Just have to add here that to administer this medicine, they warned us that it would be a nose-type spray, and that she would probably fight us because it would make her feel like someone was holding her under water.  Oh joy.  So Miguel steps up to the plate to prepare to hold her down…. But what did Macy do?  Did she flinch, pull, push, yell, cry, thrash around like a crazy person when they put the medicine in her nose? Nope….she laid completely still and they put the drops into her nose and she sat up like nothing happened, other than sniffing a few times.  Hmmmm, where did our child go and who was this laying on the bed next to us????

After taking her back and then being told awhile later that she was all done and in recovery, we were, of course, relieved.  Upon going back to see her in the recovery room, we were told that most ortho patients aren’t this easy coming out of surgery.  The nurse seemed shocked that she was doing so well, and wanted us to know that it was kinda strange that Macy had come through everything that well and calm.  To make a long story short(er)…. Miguel had to leave for his new job and left my mom and I to try and wake Macy up from the anesthesia.  We were told that most patients, especially girls, were very emotional upon waking up, and that she would probably not be too happy with anything when she was made to be woken up.  Oh boy were they ever right!  Macy is a sleeper, and by that I mean the girl sleeps normally at least 12 hours every night, and is NOT an early bird.  This particular morning, we had to get her up and leave the house by 5:30am, so this was her prime sleeping time — the exact time they wanted her to wake up.  Fun times, let me tell ya.  We saw a glimpse of that terrible two yet again during the waking up process.  When they finally realized she was NOT going to drink their darn apple juice or suck on the red popsicle given to her, they discharged her into our care.  Mom and I got her into the car and then she wanted her popsicle.  Yet she didn’t want to eat it, just let it melt ALLLLL over the place.  Fine, we allowed that.  We weren’t messing with that bear/girl.  No way, no how.  She could have whatever she wanted.  There was one point in traffic that someone was making me mad on the road — at the same time, my mom and I said in unison, “we’ll sic Macy on you!”  It was that bad.  She let us know how HONGRY (yes, HONGRY, that’s how she says it) she was…. yet fell in and out of sleep the whole way home.  Wow, what a mess.  But we got a really good laugh out of it, and once home, she relaxed and enjoyed playing a bit and getting back to her normal self, bandage around her whole arm and all.  Surgery? What surgery?  You’d have never known she’d been sliced open and stitched up.

Fast forward a few days….

She is back to feeling better, getting better sleep, and doesn’t seem to mind the big bandage on her hand and arm.  She’s sweet and cuddly and just very loving toward everyone.  Hmmmm, strange, we all agreed….

Then we put her in panties.  With her potty chair set up in her new room she was to start sharing with Andrew.  Didn’t bug or ask her once about whether or not she had to go potty.  Just for laughs, wanted to see what would happen.  And what do you know — the girl started using that potty chair and used it all day long, no accidents!!  Even pooped on it!!  WHAT?!  Who was this child???!!!  Went to bed in a pull-up because I don’t tempt anything, and huh? What’s this?  She woke up completely DRY?!  Okay, rare fluke or something.  Ha.  She fooled me.  The child wore panties and pull-ups (if we went out), and didn’t have one single accident.  For days.  And was dry overnight every night.  Cue the twilight zone music.  Did my child follow the light and switch for another more calm and understanding and big-enough-to-potty-train-in-one-day girl???  Something definitely had changed.

No more fits, no more screaming.  No more fighting for what she wanted.  She started asking politely for things and saying she was sorry.  Yes ma’am, no ma’am, I love you, may I, etc….. these were things I didn’t even know she KNEW!  Yet this was the new Macy.  The new potty trained Macy, might I add.

So what happened?  I ask myself this every day, even still, almost 2 months later.

The only thing I can answer with is…. the surgery.

If you want a potty trained terrible-no-more two year old, take her to Dr. Capelo & the nurses at the surgical center in North Richland Hills to have the pulley on her trigger thumb repaired.  And you too, can live in the land of peace and no more diapers (for at least another month until baby Olivia arrives!), that I have found myself in.

Seriously.  Do it.  😉


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