So, obviously I don’t have to tell you that it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here (or anywhere for that matter!).  Aside from the hundreds of photos I post on Facebook, I don’t write much.  Though I tend to have story after story after story to tell my mom every day on the phone, so once she reminded me again to “go and write this stuff down, kati mari!”, well, I listened.  And here I am.  We’ll just say, Olivia drove me here.

The terrific three’s.  Oh wait, I meant the terrible three’s.  Nope, nothing to write about here!

Or is there?!  How about how I had to literally hide in my own closet last night when the little miss was chasing me around the house, calling my name, asking me question over question, tapping me on my arm over and over again when I wasn’t able to give her my solid attention because why?  Oh, because I was on the phone!  Don’t ask my why she didn’t need my attention 10 minutes prior, when she was sitting quietly on the couch next to me, watching Dora or Diego, or some other cartoon that teaches her the Spanish I don’t know myself.  😉  She never needs my attention, apparently nor does any other 3 year old need their mom’s attention, until I (they’re) on the phone.  So convenient.  Luckily for me, I have a closet.

And my mom laughs — that big tear-producing and side-splitting laugh, with my dad giggling in the background — while I explain the drama that is happening beyond the closet door.  Just wait until she hears about the 15th pair of panties filled with post-blueberry poop (we ALL know what fruit produces in the form of poop!), that I’ve had to change so far this month! Now THAT is funny.

Or something.

Funny to think that I survived this age with Macy.  In fact, Macy never hit this at age 3.  It was over with before turning 3.  I guess I’m just extra blessed with this one.  Olivia is a special one.  Full of life.  And I mean FULL — there is not one little bitty ounce in her that is not alive and full of something.  What, I’m not sure yet.  HAHA  But she’s awesome at it all.  That’s what I do know.

So tonight, as I’ve had a super long and busy day and week (Andrew has had the flu since last Friday!), I put the girls to bed — or so I thought, as Olivia herself is now laying under the living room coffee table, watching My 600b Life on TV with me, after serving me “pretend cookies and chocolate milk because I love you” — and sat down to open my laptop.  What do I see in my Facebook memories from years ago, but a phrase I read somewhere that said the following:

“Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”

Raising this little someone may sometimes seem super crazy hard at times, but it is my duty and what God has placed before me.  And I choose to accept the challenge.  Blueberry poop-filled panties and all.



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