This girl is a “proper girl”.  She will tell you this herself.  And when you’re being proper also, she will tell you that, too.  Out of all of my kids, it just makes sense that it’s Macy who is the proper one.

Sitting at Chili’s with Macy, Olivia, their friend Hannah, and my friend (Hannah’s mom) Jennifer, we all decided that after lunch, we would indulge in the molten cake for dessert.  The girls wanted the chocolate one and my friend and I wanted to try the white cake.  So as the chocolate molten cake arrives, the three girls spent no time digging right in!  Devouring it bit by bit, chocolate was everywhere — mouths, fingers, the entire plate, the table, napkins, even Olivia’s hair!  The plate was a mess by the time they were almost finished.  Jennifer and I were loving our white molten cake, but we were taking our time, enjoying every last bit before we had to take these sugar-filled kids to the grocery store with us.  I called the girls out on how messy their plate was, and Macy piped in, “You two are being all proper with yours!”  Okay, miss fancy pants!

A few hours later, I take Macy & Olivia on a walk.  What was going to be a short little trek on the trails closest to our house, ended up being an almost 3 mile walk up to the pond by the school, and a few photos too (why not?! mom always has her camera ready!).  During the mini mini mini photo session (okay, I think it was just one picture), we had climbed up into the trees a bit to pose by the pond.  Macy was cute and all, but then freaked a bit when her arm touched what she thought was “A BIG HUGE SPIDER WEB MOMMY!!!”.  I told her, “Oh Macy, you’re funny.  I would’ve been walking barefoot through these trees when I was little!”  Her response?  “Not me, I like to be a proper girl.”  Alrighty then!  My country bumpkin self loaded them up and headed home.  Straw hat, bare feet, and all. 😉

At least she’s not like her little sister, Olivia, age 3 and oh-so-proud of her potty training skills.

“Mommy!!!  I went poo-poo on the potty, and it was so so so so big!!!”

God bless us all.  🙂



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