Ha.  You who know me know I don’t have a teenage daughter.  I have two daughters who are nowhere near their teenage years.  They’re only 6.5 and 3.5 years old.  PRETTY MUCH THE SAME THING AS TEENAGE GIRLS!

Let’s start with proper Macy darling.  A few months ago, she announced that there was a new boy in school.  She took to sitting by him at lunch.  I kept hearing about Santiago and then I went to her school for the Christmas party or something, and I finally saw who this new boy was.  He was a pretty cute little kid!  So after school, I made mention to Macy how I saw her new friend.  She says, in all seriousness in the world, “Yeah, and I didn’t fall in love with him, but I do like him.  I really like his hair.”  His hair?!  In love?!  Well I hope not, missy!  You’re only 6!  😉

Let’s not forget her hair.  Her thick, curly, maddening, I mean, marvelous, hair!  The hair she screams and cries over every.single.morning.of.my(I mean HER!).life. She wants it oh-so-long like Rapunzel’s.  Oh boy.  I keep trying to tell her that she’s going to have to learn to comb her own hair one of these days, because I can’t move into her college dorm with her and comb it for her every morning.  She giggles between the screams.  Recently, however, we showed her how different her hair is when we blow-dry it after her shower, combing out the curls, making her hair straight(er) and smooth.  I think we’ve created a monster.  After the hair-drying sessions, she now tosses her hair over her shoulder, looking in the mirror sideways, admiring her luscious locks, as they now apparently look like a queen’s hair, no longer just a princess with tangly, unmanageable hair.  🙂

Not to mention the way she wants to look perfect every time she dresses.  If it’s not leopard print, it’s fur, if it’s not fur, it’s boots and sparkles somewhere.  Glad she cares about her looks, but aren’t we supposed to still be dealing with mis-matched t-shirts and shorts, crazy hair, and messy faces?  *Big sigh*  My girl is growing  up too fast for me!

The fighting with her siblings.  The drama, OH the drama!!  The attempt at door-slamming (too bad her door doesn’t know how to slam, but she does know how to give it a swift kick every once in awhile instead, just to make her point!).

Otherwise, Macy is as sweet as sugar.  Not looking forward to the teenage years though.  🙂

Now for Olivia.  Wait.  Let me just leave you with this.  No other words needed.


Until next time.  🙂



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