James 4:10(NIV) says, “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.”  Are you a humble person?  Am I?  Do you want to be, do you strive to be?

I’ve learned a few verses of scripture this week that have meant a lot to my life in its current state.  I will not be mentioning those tonight however.  Today I had a thought on being humble and I wanted to share.

Watching American Idol, I see the first to sing is La’Porsha Renae (singing a duet with the other kid I think can win this thing).  She smiles, sings, and takes the comments after, in stride, being pleasant and moving on to hear the others sing.  A bit later, she comes forward to sing a solo song for the crowd and judges.  But she was selected to sing first, based on the number of votes she got, from what I could tell.  Smiling and singing her heart out, you just could tell how much her heart was in the performance.  And after the last word of her song, you could see the humble spirit she possesses.  And I wanted to be her.

Not really, as I’d probably wet my pants or spend the day puking before showtime, as I could NEVER be a performing artist in any way, shape, or form.

But with the audience standing to their feet, the judges clearly super excited about what they all just saw, La’Porsha just smiled.  She wasn’t smug.  She wasn’t sassy.  She wasn’t scared, nervous, or unsure. She exuded confidence and a very gentle and humble spirit.  Who wouldn’t want to be just like that?!  We can’t strive to be like others and want what they have, but we can strive to have a humble spirit, to be lifted up by God our Father, and given so much grace and such a gentle spirit, to shower over everyone around us!

This post isn’t meant to be about La’Porsha, but if you think about it, she doesn’t have to be so humble.  So gentle.  So open, honest and graceful.  She admitted to having dealt with domestic abuse, and she could be a bitter, angry, scared individual who sings with a hurt and damaged soul.  She shows just how God can change your heart in order to change your life.

I see a lot of people on Facebook, instagram, etc., who only talk about the good stuff in their lives.  Who have the “perfect” marriages, the best kids who only do the right things and always make A’s in school.  I always wonder if they are just putting on a show, or if things are really that great for them.  Sadly, though, when I see that type of post, I see pride.  I don’t see a humble spirit.  I wish that weren’t the case.

The friends and people who are real, who have been through the worst and tell about it, telling how it’s changed them, how it’s brought them to where they are now, those are the ones I want to jump through the screen and say thank you to.  The ones who are brave, strong, courageous.  You don’t have to tell your life story, you don’t have to lose your pride.  But grasp a bit of humbleness and it will slow you down.  It will make you see what matters most.  At least I would think so anyway.

Don’t hold it in. If you have a need, speak it (in private if you need, that’s fine too!).  I believe specific prayers are heard and it is important that you are not alone in whatever you’re going through.  Addiction, abuse, financial stress, marriage woes, children issues, whatever it is, if you hold it in, you can become a very bitter and angry person.  You will not walk out on stage with a smile, you will probably not be able to walk out on stage at all.  Someone cares, someone is there, whether you think so or not.

You will be victorious.  God doesn’t want us to suffer.  He doesn’t want us to hurt.  He wants to lift us up and give us life!

Okay, I don’t know where I was going with this!

Just be humble.  It’s such a good look these days!!

Be blessed, friends!



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