Years ago, I posted this photo all over my Facebook wall, and shared with my AdvoCare customers too.


And here it is, almost 4 years later from that 2013 photo, and I’m looking more like the person in the 2010 photo again.  LOVELY!

What motivates you??  Do you have support within your family, people pushing you on a daily basis, to be the person you want to be?  Do you do it for money?  Your career?  Are you motivated by outside things?  Or are you pretty good at motivating yourself??

That’s something I’m not good at, and I rely on others to motivate me.  But when you think about it, that’s not smart!  Other people have their own lives to worry about.  They may not care about health and fitness and eating right.  Kids are kids!  They don’t understand the importance of it yet.

Back in 2013, I started a cleanse and 24 day challenge of eating right and taking supplements to help get my metabolism back to where it should be.  I did everything right.  I ate no dairy, no sugar, no breads.  I LOVED the food I was eating — clean, healthy and fresh foods.  Beautiful colors, amazing flavors, because it was clean!  Clean eating scared the heck out of me, but I did it.  I stuck to it and I dropped weight and felt incredible!  Slowly, however, because I didn’t make it a family change, I went back to eating everything that I shouldn’t have.  (and while Advocare is AMAZING and does great things for you — you also have to put in the work with a lifestyle change!)  I no longer make lettuce wraps with fresh tomatoes and avacados and salsa.  I don’t drink strictly water — heck, I hardly drink water at all!  And my body is feeling it!

Tired, weight not coming off, no desire to work out with the best group around (shout out to Camp Gladiator!!).  I go to one or two workouts and love them, but then remember that I’m alone in that desire, and I just don’t make it a point to go.  While I’m 100% an introvert, I do wish I had someone doing that alongside me every time I go.  Because I’m not a self-motivator in any way, shape, or form.

So I sit at 132lbs, 5’2″ tall.  Miserable with all of the work I need to do on my body.  But I just don’t have the “want to” that I need to have.

I KNOW how yummy the healthy food and clean eating is.  I know how awesome the workouts are when I go.  I know how I felt back in 2013 when I felt good about myself again, and could wear cute clothes again.  I ran in races, gosh darn it.  I know how wonderful it felt to come away with a new medal around my neck for running without stopping.  But again, I was doing it for myself.  Everyone else thinks I weigh a good amount, I look good, and that I have everything going for me.  So they don’t need to motivate me on a daily basis.

What do YOU do to get motivated?  Do you force your family to change to clean eating with you?  Do you just talk to yourself into going to a workout when you’d really rather stay home and sleep?  Does that work?!  I love cooking but sometimes it’s expensive to eat healthy…. especially if you’re cooking something different for the rest of your family.  So how do you get to where you want to be, when you feel alone in the desire to get you there?

I want that 2013 body back.  Yes, I’m almost 39 years old.  But is that an excuse??  Shouldn’t I (and everyone!) want to be healthy (and not just THINK I’m healthy) for the future of myself and my family?  Isn’t it important to know that I will be around for a long time to come, with a healthy mind and body (and heart, as heart disease runs in my family)?  To me, it’s very important.  But what do you do when the world around you doesn’t feel the same way?  You’re left to self-motivate.

Ugh.  Back to square one.

🙂 Anyone want to motivate me DAILY?  Sad, but I can’t be the only one who needs it that often!  🙂


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