I was finding out that my husband of 14 years, had a very rare and aggressive form of cancer in his face!  Sino-nasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma threatened to take away all security, all peace, all joy, and all health, as we knew it.

Not us. Not him.  Can’t be real.  Surely the tests were wrong.  No way.  I can’t handle it.  Doctor please tell us you’re wrong.  Please don’t say cancer. Take it back.  No.  No.  No.  NO!!!!!

All things running through our minds on that day, June 19, 2017.

But little did we know…. That cancer was definitely rare and aggressive, and took up most of Miguel’s sinus cavities and even started growing toward his brain.  But you know what was even more aggressive than that cancer?  Our God.  He fought that battle with us from day one.  And he brought us through the fight victorious!

We’ve never felt so much love and support than we did that day and in the many many days following diagnosis.  You know God is real when you can’t do anything more than hyperventilate in the car and worry that you’re going to lose your husband, but then after you get the word out to your friends and their friends and their friends friends — you feel a peace that surpasses all understanding.  I mean, I cannot even joke about it.  The song, “Even If”, played every day, all day, and I knew that my God was bigger than that cancer.  And we knew we had so many people praying and lifting us up during that time.  It was incredible.

Yes, there were days that were hard.  VERY hard.  And even today, it is very hard when Miguel doesn’t remember something that happened, something that was said, or much of what went on during his battle.  It’s hard that we lost a good portion of life during cancer…. But oh the life we gained was so much better and oh so worth it!!

Miguel is cancer free.  We have more scans in another month or so.  We will seek that same peace and uplifting prayers from our friends and their friends and their friends friends, during those scans, and believe together that he will stay cancer free.

One year.

It’s been a LONG year.  I haven’t really even wanted to think about it at all today.  The feelings are not fun to remember.  That’s why this post is so short.  But it’s there.  We did it.  We’ve made it out alive.  Thankful to God for that.

Now we prepare for life ahead of cancer.  New memories, new houses (rent or buy — still unknown at this point!), kids going to new grades this fall (high school freshman, 4th grade and 1st grade!), health – health – health!!  And who knows what else. One day at a time.

I will be blogging a lot more often too, I hope.  I have lots to get out.  🙂

Thank you all for being around this last year.  We love you all.



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