Do your children have stuffed animals coming out from under their beds?  Stuffed inside their closet, so that when you open the doors, there falls the stuffed animal avalanche??  Have you tried to hang them up in those not-so-fancy nets, only to find it ripping and giving way when you’ve squeezed in the 1243rd toy??  Well here’s what we got, and you have NO idea how happy this item made me.

The Stuff n Sit stuffed animal bag is amazing.  We have the larger one, and it’s able to hold I think up to 100 stuffed animals or something crazy like that!!  It zips open and you stuff and stuff and stuff away!  Then it has a handle on it so you can drag it wherever you want, and use it for a bean bag to sit on!  My girls love this thing!  The stuffed animals inside make it super comfy to sit on!  I can’t recommend these enough.  The material is super sturdy and strong, and it’s a thick canvas material that is easy to throw into the washing machine if needed.  We absolutely love ours and it has saved my sanity by 1000%.  Seriously.  You have no clue.  HAHA.

If you want to save 50% on one of these — go NOW and use this link to get the deal for just the next few hours — as the code is only good through 11:59pm tonight!!!  So hurry and go buy one — this is an AMAZING deal!!!!  (no joking around — this is a 100% legit deal — you guys know I like good deals, I wouldn’t lie to you!). And no, I am not being paid by Creative QT to advertise for them (though if they want to send me more fun things to try, I’d love to do that!). :). Enjoy your coupon!!

Creative QT Stuff n Sit Bean Bag Chair




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